Vitalon SA
Metals in Motion: Innovative Trading and Logistics Solutions for the Metallurgy Industry
Providing comprehensive solutions for the trading and logistics needs of the metallurgy industry


To supply and deliver high quality materials at the most competitive price and in the shortest time possible, providing financial solutions and technical assistance establishing long-lasting partnerships.
Vitalon Products
We work with a global network of suppliers and buyers to ensure that our clients receive the best quality materials at competitive prices.
Trasteel provides a tailored, transparent and complete service to all segments of the supply chain for carbon steel products, stainless steel and forged products.

Raw Materials and Scrap

Partnerships in several regions aimed at collecting, preparing and enriching raw materials.


Trasteel Graphite Electrodes are produced with top quality needle coke and pitch.

What Vitalon Does

  • 1

    Establishing strategic partnerships with selected miners, producers and end-users

  • 2

    Controlling the quality over the entire production chain through our local staff

  • 3

    Shipping worldwide respecting the given delivery dates

  • 4

    Providing full technical assistance in order to achieve the best performance of the supplied materials and products

  • 5

    Delivering products and materials directly to customers plants

  • 6

    Supporting partners with tailor-made financing solutions